Hello! My name is Rachel Ayoung Chee. I live in Aurora, IL with my husband and three kids. I started intuitive painting after my third baby was born in 2020. I was struggling with postpartum depression, my roles as mom,  teacher, master degree student, wife, daughter, friend, etc, and the stresses that Covid brought. I felt like I was a tool for everyone, but there was no me left. I had lost my self.

During high school, college, and after, I practiced realism as an oil painter. However, I found I I put too much pressure on myself and had too many rules. I found that that pressure kept me from picking up a brush. I needed something different. I purchased a small set of acrylic paints to just play with moving paint around. I then discovered a few mentors in the intuitive painting world and learned how to let go of expectations and follow my flow to create. This practice of studio me-time was my self-care and it saved my mental health. My process offers me such freedom and joy.