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Check out the toned mixed media paper I use for my paper pieces. There are 3 different colors in a variety of sizes. I like to start with a toned paper because it gives me a middle value for working darker and lighter. It also means I do not feel the urge to have to paint every surface space.

I start my paintings with Golden Acrylic High Flow Paint. I drip analogous colors onto the flat painting surface, spray them with a bit of water, then watch the colors bleed and drip as I tilt the canvas or paper.

Once the high flow paint is dry, I use Golden Acrylic Heavy-Body paint to start placing shapes into my composition

I also love Holbein Acrylic Paints- especially their Luminous neon color set! 

I finish off my paintings with Acrylic Paint markers and gel pens. I will include my favorites below:

 All the Posca Pens!! Pick a set or grab a few of your favorite finishing colors. I love to use these pens for fine details at the end of a painting.

Fluorescent Gelly Roll Pen set creates super fine lines.

My favorite Floater Frames!